Resources for Vermont Property Sellers

Why Castle Porter Real Estate:

We’re small, local, independent real estate agency located in downtown Burlington. We pay attention to our clients; you and your property will see personalized attention from an award winning real estate agent.  We’re tech savvy. You and your property won’t be competing with dozens of other properties for our sales attention.

Most folks don’t enjoy selling their home. Unless you’re also buying, our current market doesn’t make the thought of selling your home any easier. You’ve invested time, money, emotions, holidays, family, friends, memories into your home, and now you plan to put a price on all of that and sell it to someone who may not appreciate any of that. It’s not easy. When you mix emotions with a large, perhaps your largest, financial decision, things can sometimes go BOOM. A good agent can defuse the problems, ease the process, and help you meet your goals, step by step.

Give me a call when you’re ready to talk with a Realtor about getting your home sold. In the mean time, think of the resources on this page as baby-steps to help you ease the stress, anxiety, and worry.

In a buyers’ market like we have now, you’ll want to have all your ducks in a row. Consider having both an appraisal and an inspection done prior to listing your home. We can discuss which home maintenance and repair projects are cost effective and which you should leave for the new owners.

The good news is that Vermont generally, and Burlington specifically, is weathering the down-turn in the housing market very well. has called Burlington a “real estate safe haven.” While it is taking longer for homes to sell in the Burlington area, around 110 days on average, homes have not depreciated in Chittenden County like they have elsewhere in the country.

The single best thing a real estate agent can do for a seller is price their home correctly to sell quickly and sell at a good price. Good agents will consider the property, the market conditions, and the psychology of buyers in the current market to create a market analysis and marketing plan that informs sellers at what price to list their homes to meet their goals. Unfortunately, many agents price homes too high because either they haven’t a good grasp of the market or because the want to “buy the listing.” For this reason, it is good practice to solicit a market analysis from several agencies.