Williston Vermont

Williston, Vermont is a river-bounded town located in the center of Chittenden County. To the north of Williston, Winooski River separates the town from Essex and Jericho. To the west, Muddy Brook serves as a boundary with South Burlington. Neighbors to the south include Shelburne and St. George, and to the east, Richmond. A small portion of Lake Iroquois also lies partially in the southern corner of Williston.

In the 1800′s Williston’s rolling green hills and valleys were covered with rich farmland. Since then, many of the biggest farms were abandoned and the land has returned once again to dense forest. The tiny, quaint village center of Williston includes the Williston Central School, the town hall, two churches, and a number of locally owned businesses. Several well preserved historical buildings and residential properties are also located near the village center, perhaps the most well known being a home on Governor Chittenden Road built in 1796 by Thomas Chittenden. Outside the village center you’ll find clusters of small farms that provide local produce to Williston’s residents and a number of industrial properties dating as far back as the 1960′s.

Today Williston is home to Home Depot, Walmart, Circuit City, and other big-box stores. The town has been growing steadily since the 1960′s when its population doubled over a ten year span, and its proximity to the airport, the Interstate highway and the City of Burlington means it will only continue to do so.

Though it it home to several of the larger and nicer planned developments, Williston is still more rural than suburban. The Iroquois Lake and Catamount Family Center provide two of Williston’s most popular recreational areas. Families swim, boat and fish at the lake during the spring and summer, and rent cross-country skis from the Catamount Family Center during the winter. During the weekend you’ll find folks enjoying an early morning round of golf at the course near North Williston Road.

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