Milton Vermont

Milton, Vermont, named after English poet, John Milton, is situated on beautiful Lake Arrowhead, 14 miles north of Burlington in Chittenden County. It covers approximately 60 square miles, making it the largest town in Chittenden County based on land area, and is home to about 10,300 people.
In 1795, Milton was home to about 300 settlers who depended on West Milton’s abundance of timber, which they sold to the English Navy for their ships. Eventually, Milton settlers would learn to utilize the area’s seven waterfalls, providing a valuable source of power for sawmills and other manufacturing industries. Little open land suitable for farming was available, so settler laboriously cleared the area by manual labor, perhaps aided by an ox or horse, and began to produce potash. In later years, these farms turned to dairying, converting raw milk into butter and cheese right on the farm where it was produced. By mid 1900′s dairy farmers were shipping the raw milk to Boston or New York where it was processed and sold.
Today, there are now only about seven or eight dairy farms operating in Milton. However, people continue to move to Milton, building new homes or renovating historical residences, to work in the nearby IBM facility in Essex Junction or in other industries around the Greater Burlington area. Milton is also home to a small but significant professional workforce employed at the Omni Medical Systems Headquarters (OMNI). OMNI is a research, development and production company focusing primarily on U.S. Air Force government contracts

Today, the Town of Milton is a vibrant and growing community with a Town Manager form of government. Residents can enjoy small town life in the apartments in and around the town center, or a more peaceful existence in a lakefront property on Lake Arrowhead. Due to its growth, the Town of Milton recently erected a new municipal building, boasts a small but excellent school system, and maintains efficient Police force, Fire Department, Rescue Squad, and Highway Department services. There is also a medical center as well as several churches and civic and social organizations.

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