Jericho Vermont

Jericho, Vermont is a very small town directly east of Essex and north of Williston in Chittenden County. Jericho is home to only about 5,100 residents, but is known by avid hikers and lovers of nature for its unsurpassed views of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest mountain. It is also known by many historians and photographers as the birthplace and lifelong home of Wilson Bentley, a Vermont farmer who photographed over five thousand distinct and beautiful snow crystals. Jericho’s charming history and unscathed natural beauty is the perfect new home for people looking to get away from city life in a rural, secluded property.

There are three distinct village areas in Jericho. The Jericho Corners village area, situated near Browns River on Rt. 15, is home to the impressive and historic Old Red Mill. Residents visit the Jericho Center area on Browns Trace to borrow books from the town library or see a concert at the Town Green, which plays host to a variety of events throughout the year. Most of the Jericho’s daily activities revolve around the Riverside area, referred to by locals as “The Flats”, which is located on Rt. 15, and shares its eastern boundary with the Town of Underhill. This area is home to the new multi-use Mills Riverside Park, the Deborah Rawson Memorial Library and two schools.

A few tourists trickle in to Jericho each year to visit the Mills Riverside Park to take in the stunning view of Mount Mansfield. Surrounded by wide open meadows and the forests of South Hill, Mount Mansfield is as picturesque as it is peaceful. The unblemished view serves as a reminder to Jericho’s residents that the town they call home was built upon the fruits of the land, on farms and orchards.

Mobbs Farm, another public park maintained by the Town of Jericho, is located approximately one mile south of Jericho Center and consists of over 260 acres of open, rolling plains and forested land. It is where locals and travelers alike go to enjoy outdoor activities like running, hiking, mountain biking, cross-county skiing and horseback riding.

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