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Freddie and Fannie Regulation Effect Condo Associations

I read this on a local Shelburne Vermont forum this morning: Thought I would pass this one on to anyone in a “Townhouse or Condo Association”! We just found out that Fannie Mae and Freddie Max passed new laws last fall which affect anyone in a condo situation. If anyone in the association owns more…

Home values abouth the same as 10 years ago.

Yesterday NPR reported that home prices fell in February. Planet Money had some fun with the index and set the charts to song: Case-Shiller Index sung as opera. It was interesting to hear that despite the boom and bust, home prices are now pretty close to what they were in

I’m now a SmarterAgent

While a good idea in theory, SmarterAgent may actually send prospects to your competitors.

National Association of Realtors and Foreclosures

The National Association of Realtors is asking the federal government to ignore bank foreclosure  practices that provide protections to home owners facing foreclosure. It is arguing that by the HUD placing a moratorium on foreclosures that might otherwise proceed without proper review it is creating “uncertainty and anxiety” for home buyers. Coincidentally, the moratorium would also stall Realtors from profiting…

The Real Estate Short Sale

Two recent situations have presented interesting, and for the buyers and sellers involved, very disappointing complications in recent real estate transactions in which I’ve been involved. In the first, the owner’s lender, GMAC, approved a short sale agreement, but the agreement identified the incorrect payoff recipient. Unfortunately, GMAC was not change its Short Sale Approval…

Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR), the best and brightest Realtors?

I, with maybe 50 or so other Realtors in Vermont and New Hampshire, recently took the National Association of Realtors ABR –Accredited Buyer Representative– designation course. It is a two day, 16 hour course and I had heard from a few agents I respect that it was a course worth taking. It was not. It…

Selling homes in 2010 v 1999

At the beginning of the 21st century, most home buyers had never viewed a home online; the three top home sale marketing methods were yard signs, newspaper ads and open houses. In 1999, buyers who went online in search for a home were in the minority – only 37 percent of buyers used the Internet…

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