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Freddie and Fannie Regulation Effect Condo Associations

I read this on a local Shelburne Vermont forum this morning: Thought I would pass this one on to anyone in a “Townhouse or Condo Association”! We just found out that Fannie Mae and Freddie Max passed new laws last fall which affect anyone in a condo situation. If anyone in the association owns more…

Saving Money with Homebuyers Tax Credit and VA Home Loans

  Saving Money with Homebuyers Tax Credit and VA Home Loans Civilian first-time buyers are no longer able to receive tax credits for their first-time home purchases; however, active duty service members may still be eligible. To aid those who have recently served overseas, Congress has granted a one-year extension on the homebuyers tax credit…

The Real Estate Short Sale

Two recent situations have presented interesting, and for the buyers and sellers involved, very disappointing complications in recent real estate transactions in which I’ve been involved. In the first, the owner’s lender, GMAC, approved a short sale agreement, but the agreement identified the incorrect payoff recipient. Unfortunately, GMAC was not change its Short Sale Approval…

FHA Loan Advertising

First-time homebuyer looking for financing? Consider an FHA Loan. While they do not lend the money, the Federal Housing Administration insures the loan that you, the borrower, are issued through a private lender. Most people who have less than perfect credit are hesitant to pursue a home loan option because they figure lenders will automatically…

Selling homes in 2010 v 1999

At the beginning of the 21st century, most home buyers had never viewed a home online; the three top home sale marketing methods were yard signs, newspaper ads and open houses. In 1999, buyers who went online in search for a home were in the minority – only 37 percent of buyers used the Internet…

Tax Credit Extention

The feds have extended the tax credit. Buyers need to have a property under contract by the 30th of April 2010, and close by the end of July. To leave room for negotiations, buyers should identify and make an offer on a property by mid-April. Waiting until the last moment and making the offer on…

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