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AT&T’s Motion to Amend Findings and Order

AT&T Mobility has 30 days after the Court rules on its “Motion to Amend Findings and Order, and for Reconsideration” to respond to my “Motion for Summary Judgment”. I just filed my “Response to…Reconsideration” today so the clock has not yet begun to tick. I learned yesterday at my painting class that judges rotate every…

Court v. Arbitration

I see my case against AT&T for egregious violations of the TCPA and associated rules and regulations as something of a road map for the other 160,067 legacy Unicel customers. And I’m a curious sort. earlier this year, because I am still getting text messages from AT&T (the last one was confirming they received my…

AT&T Class Action Suit and My Motion for Summary Judgment

I have filed a request of summary judgment. Having found that AT&T provided copies of the sms text messages to VT Asst Atty General Burg, I’m comfortable I have enough corroborating evidence support my main assertion that AT&T did indeed send these messages. I filed on the 25th, just after our status conference with the…

AT&T Motion to Compel Arbitratioin is Denied

AT&T Mobility’s Motion to Compel Arbitration and Dismiss the Case was denied by the Court on March 18th. Defendant filed the motion on 2/12/2010 and I spent the next week reading about arbitration law and drafting a response. I filed my response 2/13/2010. Judge Helen Toor wrote “Based on the undisputed fact that Porter did…

Simon and Schuster settles text message spam dispute

The 9th Circuit decision in Satterfield v. Simon and Schuster will have huge implications for the impending class-action suit against AT&T Mobility for sending former Unicel customers 30 odd sms text messages in violation of the TCPA. Simon and Schuster sent, I believe, 1 text message. AT&T sent over 30. According to the settlement, each…

Unicel Customer Sues AT&T for TCPA Violations

I was a Unicel customer until Verizon Wireless, who purchased Unicel, had to sell the Unicel subscriber contracts to AT&T Mobility to comply with a Federal and Vermont settlement agreement. AT&T quickly made a mess of things. In addition to poor business practices that lead to the Assurance of Discontinuance with the Attorney General, AT&T…

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