Home values abouth the same as 10 years ago.

Yesterday NPR reported that home prices fell in February. Planet Money had some fun with the index and set the charts to song: Case-Shiller Index sung as opera. It was interesting to hear that despite the boom and bust, home prices are now pretty close to what they were in

New Water Testing Legislation

Bill S.77: An Act Relating to Water Testing of Private Wells passed the Vermont Senate on April 7th. The act originally dictated that home sellers with private wells would need to test and disclose prior to sale of the home. Fortunately this language was removed after consultation with the Vermont Association of Realtors. Now sellers…

New Private Road Maintenance Legislation

Though state representatives recognize that “Vermonters have a long history of working together to share the costs of maintaining private roads,” they still feel the need to codify how costs shall be shared by homeowners who don’t have a written agreement. One reason for codification is greater pressure from the secondary mortgage market. The bill…

Saving Money with Homebuyers Tax Credit and VA Home Loans

  Saving Money with Homebuyers Tax Credit and VA Home Loans Civilian first-time buyers are no longer able to receive tax credits for their first-time home purchases; however, active duty service members may still be eligible. To aid those who have recently served overseas, Congress has granted a one-year extension on the homebuyers tax credit…

I’m now a SmarterAgent

While a good idea in theory, SmarterAgent may actually send prospects to your competitors.

Bernie Sanders — Insulated from His Constituents

A few months ago I received an email from Daniel Mclean, a staffer at Senator Bernie Sanders’s office in Washington. I forget his title, Outreach Director maybe, or perhaps marketing. He asked me to share the email list of people belonging to the Burlington Young Professional organization I sponsor. The email came from daniel.mclean@sanders.senate.gov. Unfortunately,…

Senator Bernie Sanders

When I write Senator Leahy, he responds with thoughtful comments addressing my questions and concerns. I don’t always agree with his positions. His position in support of bringing the F35s, and their associated noise and benzene, is a poor decision in my view as it does not benefit the residents of Vermont. Bernie Sanders, and…

Vermont Bill H.498 — Private Roads

  Private Roads (H.498) After much discussion in both the Vermont House and Senate lawmakers where unable to decide on language suitable to pass the private roads bill (H.498) in the 2010 Legislative Session.  Instead legislators agreed to form a committee to work on a better draft for review for next session.  The committee working…

National Association of Realtors and Foreclosures

The National Association of Realtors is asking the federal government to ignore bank foreclosure  practices that provide protections to home owners facing foreclosure. It is arguing that by the HUD placing a moratorium on foreclosures that might otherwise proceed without proper review it is creating “uncertainty and anxiety” for home buyers. Coincidentally, the moratorium would also stall Realtors from profiting…

Good Bye to the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce

I have terminated by membership in the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. The LCRCC association with the National Chamber of Commerce, which opposed much of the Obama legislation I supported, irked me quite a bit. However, the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce’s support of bringing a large number, or any, F35 fighter jets…

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