Burlington Vermont’s Old North End

Burlington’s Old North End is perhaps the most interesting neighborhood in Burlington, and maybe the most diverse neighborhood in Vermont. The two wards that encompass the ONE routinly elect the most left-leaning counselors onto City Council. North Street–the Old North End’s main street–was once the heart of Burlington, but lost that status when Church Street was closed to traffic and became a pedestrian mall. You’ll find half-million dollar homes on upper North Street and tired looking laundromats at its western end. North Street boasts Burlington’s two best neighborhood bars, three ethnic markets and two caf├ęs. Homes in the Old North End are typically 110 years old and often still carry their original slate roofs. Most of the ONE is within walking distance to Church Street. This, and that fact that ONE homes are often affordable to first-time buyers, makes the neighborhood attractive to younger buyers. However, there is not “typical” buyer for ONE homes just as there is no typical ONE resident.

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