Burlington Vermont – South End Homes

The South End includes the Lakeside neighborhood, the Five Sisters neighborhood (a term popularized several years ago by Front Porch Forum founder Micheal Wood-Lewis) northeast of the Lakeside development, and the Five Avenues neighborhood south of the Five Sisters. The streets that encompass the neighborhood now known as the Five Sisters are named after the developer’s daughters Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Margaret, Marian; or, like Locust Street, for the trees that line the curbs. The Five Avenues include Flynn, Ferguson, Lyman, Scarff, and Home Avenues.

One hundred acres purchased by Charles W. Scarff and A. O. Ferguson from the Foster Farm, north-east of the lakeside factory development, was divided into eighteen city blocks (south on Home Avenue, north on Flynn Avenue, east on Shelburne Road, west along the railroad tracks by the lake). The streets were named for the influential entrepreneurs in the city of Burlington (Richardson, Wells, Lyman, Flynn, etc.). Bungaloid, Colonial Revival and Dutch Colonial Revival homes sprang up, reflecting the popular building trends of this period.

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